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What is a binocular vision test?

The red line shows where Abby was looking before she played Engaging Eyes - and shows why she found reading so hard

Because you have two eyes, your brain receives two slightly different images. When your eyes look at the same point your brain can combine the images together to make a single 3D image.

What happens when your eyes don't work together?

If both eyes don't focus on the same point then your brain receives two different images at the same time.

The brain then has to decide which letter to focus on. If it alternates which image it processes the letters will appear to move. Alternatively it might use both images and the words will appear blurry or double.

The video shows what it's like for a child with dyslexia to read. It tracks where her eyes are looking. You can see she makes erratic eye movements and her eyes wobble all over the page. This makes bs and ds look the same to her.

It's important that you know if your child has this problem (also called convergence insufficiency). Unfortunately, it's not a test a regular optician does and so we have created this quick and easy test.

What is the Binocular Vision Test?

It's a 3d game to test how well you can see in 3d - or in other words, how good your binocular vision is. We will post you the 3d glasses needed to play.

The game is fun and takes around 10 minutes to play. The results are then analysed and you will have the results immediately.

Is treatment available?

The good news is that treatment is available and you can start now. If you think you or your child has problems with their binocular vision, the first step is to take the test.

If the results show there is a problem then playing Engaging Eyes will help. It takes 10 minutes a day and trains the eyes to work together. The training takes place in the form of games, like target practice and 'whack an alien'.

Children enjoy the games and start seeing improvements in a matter of weeks.

It takes 6 - 12 months to complete Engaging Eyes. After completing the whole program, the eyes will work together without the need for any more exercises.